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Full Circle

Glynis Dickins


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By Glynis Dickins | ISBN 9780648390565

DC Alex McDonald is on the job again! This time an assignment of educating village people in improving education and child protection takes her to the African nation of Uganda – a country she knows well. 

Join Alex as she journeys from towns through rural neighbourhoods and jungle in search of missing and trafficked children. Meantime, back in Australia, a most surprising and unexpected event occurs which will test all of Alex’s resolve as she tries to keep working through the African assignment. Indeed, Alex’s entire life is thrown into such turmoil to a point where she begins to question her whole place in the world, wherever that might be. But before she can even think about new events at hand, she must secure her own survival as she braves an undercover operation to break a child trafficking ring. 

Can Alex escape from the traffickers? And will her maturing faith uphold her through momentous times of change and decision-making in her own life? Travel with Alex as once again she faces the unknown – both in Uganda as well as Australia.

About the Author: 

With a background in music teaching and theology to children and people of all ages, Glynis Dickins has ministered in Baptist churches for many years across Melbourne, Australia. Wife, mother and grandmother, she is passionate about the Gospel message and sharing it in creative, contemporary and alternative ways. Having recently stepped down from full-time pastoral ministry, she has been able to ‘marry’ her writing interests with personal experiences of mission work in Uganda. She travels regularly to Uganda, educating village pastors, as well as preaching in neighbourhood churches and Bible Study groups around Jinja. She also maintains support and contact with families whose children have been resettled from children’s home to local communities in recent years. 

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