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From the Cocoon to Glory

Charmaine Rhonda


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By Charmaine Rhonda

This book is for any person, young or older, new or even mature born-again, faith-based believers, people who have come to the point where they have found themselves stagnant and needing to make a decision whether they want to stay as they are, or proceed through a process of change and transformation, growing and building their relationship further with Jesus.

This book is directed at people who may be at a crossroad in their life, perhaps unsure of the future and holding back in growing or moving forward, and in need of some direction. The author makes the comparison between us, as humans, to the transformation process of a caterpillar, and how similar the change is, as well as the stages that we go through when we purpose ourselves to actually step into a place where we can be changed in God from Glory to Glory.

About the author
Charmaine Rhonda was born in South Africa and currently resides in Australia. She is a new author, a mature Christian who, together with her husband, Barry, minister in the prophetic healing ministry, helping to equip the Body of Christ in believing and experiencing salvation and the supernatural healing power of our Messiah, Jesus Christ. Charmaine has a passion and strong desire to see the scriptures fulfilled: “to bring the Good News to the poor, to bind up the broken-hearted, liberty proclaimed to the captives and the opening of prisons to those bound” – Isaiah 61:1


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