From Discipleship to Sonship

    Ravi Gill


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    By Ravi Gill | ISBN 9780648760740

    Have you ever met a Christian who does not have the foundational knowledge of Christ that is required to grow, in order to become all that God had created them to be? Perhaps you are on this journey in your walk  of faith to delve deeper into scripture and ensure your foundations are strong and on the right track?

    Then this book is for you.

    Knowing our Father in heaven and His plans for our lives is so important to fulfilling our destiny and calling and without it, we can easily wander in the wilderness, living a life full of struggle and strife.

    This book will help you understand that God’s plans are the foundations for entering into the Promise Land, without us having to wander through our lives in the spiritual wilderness.

    About the author:
    Ravi Gill is an Indian born and Australian-based evangelist who shares a passion for seeing Christians be all that they can be. His desire is to see Christians move from a life of being spiritually young and immature, into seeing God move in people so that they become all that He has called them to be.

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