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Fragrant Melodies

Sarah Alison

ISBN 9780646822877

LIST PRICE: $19.99


Your glory-song longs to be heard.

These floral pages are here to help you find the chords of your heart, and to surrender your songs that need to be sung.

Fragrant pages with a sweet melody, offering reminders in seasons, that are sometimes blurry or dull, and bringing truth, purpose and a song, for your beautiful, loved soul.

Let its scent draw you to Love Himself, who creates all songs and gifts in each of us, within the waves, deserts and gardens, a fragrant melody, as we answer heaven’s call.

“The things we learn and write are always heard like murmurs on the wind. Sarah has a way of catching those whispers and pinning them to the page for us to contemplate. Open these pages and enter the world of her melodies, the place where she hums the tunes heaven places in her mind. And as you learn to hum along, find the rhythms of heaven in every heartbeat, every word well placed. And let their scent remind you of a God who has more inspiration, more rapture and more love for you and for the world than we could ever imagine for ourselves.”
– Madeleine Wiedemann

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