Forgotten Covenant

    R.L. Watson


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    By R.L. Watson | ISBN 9780645141795

    How do you believe the Bible all fits together? Your answer to that question will influence the way you read and interpret its different parts. It also affects your understanding of Jesus, salvation, the church, mission, and your identity as one of God’s redeemed people. Unfortunately, some have created an artificial division between the Old and New Testaments because they have overlooked a fundamental part of the Biblical narrative, which in turn affects their reading of Scripture.

    In Forgotten Covenant, R.L. Watson helps to recover this neglected detail as he shows that the Bible contains one continuous narrative, driven by the fulfilment of the Covenant Promises made with Abraham. By reading, you will gain not only a deepened understanding of how the Abrahamic Covenant gives a map for God’s plan of redemption, but you will also be able to recognise its influence on:

    • The Exodus,
    • The occupation of the Promised Land,
    • The exile and return,
    • The person and work of Christ,
    • The spread of the Gospel, and
    • The final, eternal condition.

    More than that, you will be encouraged by the faithfulness and sovereignty of God, be better equipped to understand the Scriptures more deeply, and have a greater appreciation for the significance of that man called Abraham.

    About the author
    Ryan Watson is passionate about encouraging believers in their faith as well as helping them build good theology from a whole of Scripture understanding of the Bible. He has both a Bachelor of MInistry and a Master of Arts in Theology after studying under the Australian College of Theology at Malyon College in Brisbane, Australia. He has experience in preaching, teaching and has served as a Youth Pastor. At the University of Queensland, he studied a Bachelor of Arts with majors in Ancient and Modern History and English, and completed a Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education.

    As well as self-publishing his first book Why then the Law?, he has written a number of blog articles and published essays on Ryan lives in Brisbane, Australia with his wife and four boys, and works as a High-School English teacher.

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