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Dr. Ken Lewis
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For What It’s Worth

Dr. Ken Lewis

ISBN 9780645636666



If you have not looked around lately, the world is rejecting Christianity en masse. That is, true Biblical Christianity. America upholds Muslims and criticizes Christians. I never thought I would see the day this could happen in America, but we are living in it. The world does not like what we stand for or against. They do not want purity and holiness, which limits their immoral activities and that creates agitation towards believers.

Everything is upside down in our society. Some want to reduce our police forces while allowing rioters to burn down our cities in the name of social justice. They want the right to kill innocent babies they do not want and it has become a pagan ritual, much like the Israelites who sacrificed their babies to a false god. Take for example the uproar that ensued from the decision of the US Supreme Court on striking down Roe vs Wade. Demon oppression is growing in our society.

But God.

In For What It’s Worth, Dr. Ken Lewis examines the church and its effectiveness in a world that is aggressively rejecting our message. Should we change our message to attract a lost world, or should we stay faithful and true to the Word of God? Many have changed the message to accommodate a sinful world, but For What It’s Worth makes the case for remaining Biblically sound.

About the author
Dr. Kenneth Lewis has traveled this great land ministering in music and preaching. A gifted preacher, he holds a BA in Religion, a Masters in Theology, and a Doctorate in Theology and is also a published author. He has preached in over 150 revival meetings across the country, pastored several churches, had several daily radio programs, and some television shows preaching and various interviews. He has written several booklets for revival meetings, articles for newsletters, a couple of YouTube channels, web sites and a website, where he wrote numerous articles on theology and on various issues confronting the church.

In the last decade, he has been burdened with the direction of the church around America and across the world. Thus he felt compelled to begin writing about the downward spiral of the church into the culture of an unsaved world. He is passionate, cutting edge, and Biblical in his desire for the church to repent of its entanglement with a godless world. He currently resides in Kansas.

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