for such a time as this

    For Such a Time As This – The Story of the Aboriginal Evangelical Fellowship

    Dr. Maxine Knapp PhD

    ISBN 9780645993875

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    Against incredible difficulties and struggles, the Aboriginal Evangelical Fellowship came into being in 1970. For Such a Time As This is the remarkable story of how God touched the lives of individual men and women who were scattered throughout the vast land of Australia and drew them and bonded them together.

    This book is a testament of what God has accomplished in the lives of men and women who were totally dedicated and committed to Him.


    “This is a crucial account of one of the most influential movements over the past half-century in the indigenous church, which brought the Word of God to the Aboriginal people. It is a fascinating historical record, which has been brought to life by ‘pen-pictures’ of the leaders of the AEF. It is presented in an interesting and thoroughly documented manner and is a significant work in the understanding of the church and movement at the present time. Dr Knapp has presented a clear account of theoretical frameworks which guided her study and writing. As an historical work it is of particular interest and value.”
    Dr Toby Metcalfe

    “My association with the Aboriginal Evangelical Fellowship goes back to December 1970. I give thanks to God for the vision that He gave to Maxine to make a commitment to write this important history of the ministry of AEF of Australia. This book will be a valuable resource for future generations. The Aboriginal Evangelical Fellowship is a vital part of church history in Australia.”
    Pastor Neville Lilley

    “This book written on AEF touches on many and varied aspects of the God inspired, combined Aboriginal Evangelical ministries in Australia; as East and West Aboriginal Christians coming from all the main line Evangelical Missions and Churches, working together to teach the Gospel to all Australians with particular emphasis toward Aborigines. The book contains foundational Aboriginal ministries established to the end of time. I commend Mrs Maxine Knapp for the depth and breadth of the informed recorded writings contained therein.”
    Pastor Ossie Cruse MBE AM

    About the author
    Maxine Knapp studied for three years at the United Aborigines Mission Gnowangerup Bible Training Institute and graduated in 1968. She also studied at Curtin University, where she obtained a Bachelor of Applied Science, and at the University of Western Australia, where she earned her PhD in research.

    Maxine’s husband, Albert Knapp, was a graduate of the Bible Institute. He was also Principal of the A.E.F Bible In Gnowangerup and Perth. Together, the couple served 42 years in Christian ministry throughout Australia.

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