Following the Firstborn

    Jim Ward


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    By Jim Ward | ISBN 9780648991229

    Jesus is called the “firstborn” from the curse of death as he triumphantly shows us light in darkness and calls us to join him in His Kingdom as a joint heir. To do this, we must trust and follow Him through many dangers and toils as if in a foreign land, progressing as a pilgrim on the missions each of us are given. This is even if, like that of the Firstborn, they might at first appear to be impossible.

    Starting with this famous theme from John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress, teacher Jim Ward uses a combination of his own poetry, photography and focused questions, together with ‘backpack’ resource information, to explore what it means to be a modern Christian pilgrim in today’s troubled world.

    Following the Firstborn provides strong stimulus and guidance for personal reflection on what matters most on our journey through life, but it is also a powerful springboard for group study and discussion of how we remain a faithful pilgrim in what C S Lewis has called ‘enemy occupied territory’.

    “An insightful teaching and meditative resource for schools, study groups, and reflective individuals. This attractive blending of verse, photography and guidance is the fruit of Jim Ward’s fifty years experience as a traveller, educator and man of faith. It will resonate with a wide Christian community.”
    John Kennedy – Retired lecturer, Charles Sturt University

    “It’s not everyone who lets us share a personal odyssey and engage us and move us so well. But in this book, Jim Ward – happily and memorably – does just that.”
    Peter Rainey – Retired Deputy Headmaster and English teacher of The King’s School, Parramatta, formerly of James Cook University English Department.

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