following jesus

    Following Jesus

    Sean Ewing

    ISBN 9780645993837

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    Surrendering to Jesus extends beyond a single moment of confession; it embodies a journey of profound understanding and steadfast faith. In an age where fleeting convictions often eclipse deep-rooted beliefs, grasping the core of theology and doctrine for today’s Christian is absolutely crucial.

    In Following Jesus, Sean Ewing explores the intricacies of these foundational principles, emphasizing their crucial role in every believer’s life. Amidst a plethora of beliefs and interpretations, anchoring our faith in unshakable truths is more than beneficial—it’s vital.

    As you delve into these pages, you’ll understand the importance of not only knowing, but truly comprehending our beliefs. You will soon realize how a deep grasp of these tenets not only amplifies one’s personal faith, but also prepares believers to traverse today’s multifaceted world, positioning the eternal teachings of Jesus at the helm.

    Following Jesus will help you to immerse yourself and ignite a faith steeped in understanding, knowledge, and an unwavering devotion to a life centered around Jesus.

    About the author
    Sean Ewing, Th.M., is an accredited biblical counselor with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors. With a profound dedication to Jesus, he is committed to conveying the enduring teachings of the Bible. His life’s mission revolves around advancing the kingdom of God through his vocational pursuits.

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