fire of heaven

    Fire of Heaven

    Rodney Leenman

    ISBN 9780645459654

    LIST PRICE: $19.99


    The stories of “Al Maksour”, the long-held sword of Selim’s tribe tell of extraordinary power and great blessing falling on its owners. It lays shattered and rotting and Selim and his tribe have seen neither power nor blessing from it.

    Hidden deep in Arabia in pre-Islamic times, Selim and his surprisingly talented newfound Scythian friend and former rival, Ishkuz, set out to unravel the ancient mysteries of the sword. Selim’s tribe has bred the best desert Arabian horses for generations and it is these that carry them on their journey of discovery.

     Their horses’ reputation for speed and beauty grows as they travel to Cairo and race against the best horses of the king of Egypt.

    Their story is one of freedom discovered, love found, blessing, power and a new respect for the horses of the desert.

    About the Author
    Rodney Leenman lives in the Hawkesbury region of Sydney, Australia, with his wife and has four married children with two others still at home. Born in Geelong, Victoria he has lived in a number of Australian states. He is currently a high school teacher who has a passion for Arabian horses and History. He teaches Modern History and has bred Arabian horses for close to 30 years. Recently, he and his wife have collected a herd of Nigerian goats, whom his wife milks. In between these things he loves to potter in the garden, gather with his family and read a range of books, both fiction and non-fiction. He particularly enjoys the mysteries that History throws up and researching them as deeply as possible. 

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