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  • Other Books by
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Finding God When He Seems to Be Hiding

Kevin Simington


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by Kevin Simington | ISBN 9780648371960

This book provides intelligent answers to the common questions and objections that are often roadblocks in people’s journey towards faith. Does God exist? If so, how do I find Him? Why does He seem to be hiding? If God wants people to believe in Him, why doesn’t He make Himself more obvious? If God is so good, why is there so much suffering in the world? What sort of narcissistic God eternally tortures people for not loving Him? Is the Bible reliable? Is the Biblical account of the life of Jesus a myth? What about evolution? How can God permit abuse and religious violence?

These and other questions bring into doubt the very existence and character of God, and demand answers that move beyond the standard, glib responses that are often proposed. This book addresses these challenging issues with remarkable clarity and insight. It proposes meaningful answers that will enable earnest seekers and puzzled believers to develop an unshakeable confidence in the unimpeachable character of God. 


Kevin is an apologist, speaker and author who has spent over 30 years engaging with the sceptic community regarding matters of faith. His website,, provides valuable resources for defending the Christian faith and exploring theology, apologetics and ethics.

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