Find Your Feet Surfing

    Find Your Feet Surfing

    Lisa Wallis

    ISBN 9780645141771

    LIST PRICE: $24.99


    “I have known Lisa for most of my life, I grew up surfing and travelling to amateur surfing events with her and she has always had an amazing passion for the beach and ocean and I am happy to be able to call her one of my oldest and truest friends.

    “Lisa has a great understanding of all aspects of learning to surf and what that entails for girls/women to know how to take their first steps of getting in the water and learning about the ocean in a safe and fun way.

    “Having been a professional surfer for the past 20 years I would highly recommend this book for anyone wanting to learn the basics of surfing, with helpful tips for minimising any frustration or fear around the ocean, hence achieving your surfing goals safely and in a shorter time frame.”

    Serena Brooke – Professional Surfer.

    About the author
    Lisa Wallis established the Go Gurfers program at Silky Surf School in 2014. The learn to surf program for females was designed to fill a much-needed gap in the market that was saturated by all things male. Since then, the tide has started to change with more women learning to surf. Find Your Feet Surfing was created to continue to level the score for budding female surfers in a safe and timely way, eliminating barriers for those females wishing to learn to surf. Lisa is a local on the Sunshine Coast, Australia and is a qualified surf coach and communications consultant with a master’s degree in social work. Lisa is married and has two gorgeous children, lots of noisy chooks, a naughty Jack Russell who fortunately adores the chickens and a Queen farm cat with whom Lisa and her family are all subservient to.

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