Finally Free

    Tanja Alincic


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    Finally Free tells the amazing story of Tanja Alincic, a former psychic prostitute who was caught up in a dark world of smoking pot, drinking and using men for sex.

    By day she also held down a job caring for families and the aged. Wrapped up in herself, her lifestyle left her a wreck. One night, it all became too much and she decide to end her life. But just as she was ready to leave this earth, she cried out to God to see if he was real, and if so, to save her.

    From there her life turned dramatically around and in joining a church, where she is still actively involved today. Piece by piece, her broken life was restored as she handed it over to her Creator, transforming her like only God can.

    Finally Free will remind you that, no matter how bad the circumstances might be, God is waiting for you to come home.

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