Fight of Faith

    James Moody


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    By James Moody | ISBN 9780648887355

    An amazing story of overcoming cancer.

    Growing into his teenage years, James Moody was wrestling with his doubt for whether God was real or questioning if his faith was enough to believe. He started battling through mysterious health issues that showed no improvements and was eventually diagnosed with cancer as a teenager.

    At the footsteps of all this, James laid it before God and asked Him to do what only God can do in his life. This is the story of his fight with cancer and how God worked out the details through it all; as God can do in your own personal battles and crisis of faith.

    This is the life-inspiring story that will lift your faith to new heights.

    About the author
    James Moody received a prophetic word when twelve years old that “He will have a life-inspiring story that will change people’s lives.” James has held God to his promise as he lives a life of many stories albeit uncomfortable; but continually pursues God with all his heart. James has a Bachelor of Arts in Ministry and is involved in ministry for youth, young adults in his local church; whilst preaching to people of all ages and backgrounds. His passions are breakfast, lunch, dinner and lots of coffee.

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