Fight, Flight and Faith: A Life with Anxiety and Jesus

    By Nikki Florence Thompson

    Warning: This is not a book about getting stronger or being better. If you are looking for that sort of gold-spun tale, I’d advise you go elsewhere. This is a story about a bigger, better God, one who is unafraid of your fear and bids you draw near.

    When nineteen-year-old Nikki lost her older brother and spiritual confidante, Greg, in a car accident, her stable world of faith and family became unsafe overnight. But it was through the experience of her first panic attack one evening on a beach that the darkness of the world came to lodge inside her, making her question her capacity for faith, her self-worth, and even her worth before God.

    For the increasing number of people suffering the pain of anxiety, for the weary, and those who fear they have failed themselves, others and God. For strung-out believers stretching and straining for a piece of peace. This book is a reminder that wherever we stand, Jesus, our older brother—our fellow sufferer and our refuge—is near, ever beckoning us to come join him on the journey.

    About the author
    Nikki Florence Thompson has a PhD in literature from Macquarie University, Sydney, and has taught undergraduate students in literature and writing in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. She blogs at on issues of faith, mental health, parenting and tea. Nikki lives nearby the water in Moreton Bay, Queensland with her three rambunctious children, her historian husband, too many books and a highly photogenic puppy.