Feels Like I’m Breathing

    Anya Mckee


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    What does a woman do when she’s on the other side of the world and she’s falling apart? When she knows she’s a hopeless mess and she can’t stop damaging the very people she loves the most?

    It was Ramadan in Turkey and Anya decided, in desperation, to seek God along with the locals, for an entire month.

    Feels Like I’m Breathing’ is the intimate journal of a woman who wrote down every word she said to God, every word He said back, and how she came to experience, for the first time in her life, the wholeness and freedom she’d never thought possible.

    Anya is a New Zealand-born writer and retreat speaker with a compelling call to personal wholeness and spiritual maturity. Her passion is to empower God’s people to operate as effectively, confidently and naturally 

    in the spiritual realm as they do in the physical. 

    Anya and her husband, Jeff, live with their four children on the beautiful Kapiti Coast of New Zealand.

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