Darryl Krause

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    Knowing God as our Father is a key to being who we really are. In knowing the Father for who he is, we aspire to be like him and increasingly reflect his character and values as true sons and daughters. The ‘Father-life’ that flows from him then becomes a dynamic life-force in us that produces many types of good fruit.

    See how the Father’s love and holiness are integrated and how he meets us with both total acceptance and high ideals.

    Discover how biblical terms such as ‘adoption’ and being a ‘child’ and ‘heir’ of God are all connected with growth, maturity, and adulthood.

    Understand how our righteousness in Christ gives us much more than right legal standing with the Father. It also calls and empowers us to live well with God and others.

    Explore practical insights for living well, including the power of giving and receiving, the art of viewing others with the Father’s eyes of grace, and how to find freedom in trusting submission to the Father.

    About the author
    Darryl Krause, originally from Australia, has lived many years in Norway with his Norwegian wife, Magni. They have three adult children and are grandparents and foster carers.

    Darryl’s teaching on various topics, during over 30 years of service in Youth With A Mission, has emphasised that our life and ministry must flow out of our intimacy with God. Darryl has a background in engineering, and is known as a practical and down-to-earth teacher who presents spiritual insights simply and clearly.

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