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    You Don't Bring Me Flowers Anymore

Falling Slowly

Rebecca Pater

ISBN 9781763620179

LIST PRICE: $19.99


After the death of their daughter six years ago Caroline and Adam’s marriage, against all odds, has survived. And with the return of their son Michael to Australia, they are looking forward to watching him graduate and become the doctor he always dreamed he would be. But when he returns home from America with an unexpected guest it is not only their lives that are turned upside down.

Because there, waiting for him is Sarah. Sarah who has known Michael her entire life and has wished her years away, hoping that when she finally turned eighteen Michael would notice her. But with Margaux in the picture Michael isn’t likely to ever look in her direction. Yes, she’s beautiful and yes, her father has more money than anyone will ever need. What will it take for him to see the nasty person she really is?

Being a parent is the hardest job anyone will ever have. But with their kids almost grown, Tom and Beth thought they were almost done with the dramas. They couldn’t have been more wrong. Nate is heading down a path that will only lead to trouble, and Sarah can’t seem to move past her childhood crush.

Jillian and Matthew have finally come to terms with the disappointment that they will never have a baby together. But with so much love to give they decide fostering is a way they can help children while filling a big hole in their lives. They could not have foreseen the joy and the pain that letting an unknown child into their family would bring.

Joan and David are exhausted from raising their two kids and never considered having anymore. But one night is all it takes, and Joan finds herself pregnant again, and in her forties. Her doctor is insisting she ends her dangerous pregnancy, and David, who loves his wife more than anything, agrees. He can’t support a pregnancy that would risk her life.

Four women, friends since they were teenagers, Beth, Jillian, Joan and Caroline struggle through their own lives while having to face everything the next generation can throw at them.

Falling Slowly is the sequel to You Don’t Bring Me Flowers Anymore.

About the author
Rebecca Pater is a writer based in Brisbane, Australia. 

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