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Faith Test

Marla Jones

ISBN 9780648760795

LIST PRICE: $19.99


Overcoming Tests of Faith. How will your faith hold up?

There are times when we think we’ve got our world figured out. We live our lives with a sense of normality and then, wham! Out of left field, comes a faith-breaking explosion that rocks what little we thought we knew of ourselves and of God.

Sometimes it’s global. The news shouts at us about a natural disaster, terrorist attack or an all-consuming virus causing worldwide impact.

Other times, it feels personal. Like someone has aimed an assault directly on target. Maybe it’s a financial crisis, a sick loved one or just day after day of defeat.

As things get crazier in the world, will faith in God get us through?

You may be new to faith in God, questioning whether He exists or even cares. Maybe you’ve grown up going to church and have had faith for years, not doubting God’s existence but wondering, “Where is God in so much suffering?” Why doesn’t he make it just stop? How could a loving God allow people to go through so much pain?

This book does not avoid these questions but dives right in and beyond to a perspective that is out of this world.

About the author
Marla Jones went to college many years ago and graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science, all of which did nothing to help her when the struggles hit her life. Not content with pat answers from books and other Christians, she searched the Bible and wrestled with God in prayer until she acquired the answers you find before you in this book. Currently, Marla is a high school educator who loves to challenge and be challenged by the amazing young brains around her. She is married to an outstanding, dedicated and handsome husband (#husbandhack). They have four children and live in Western Australia.

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