escape from egypt

    Escape From Egypt

    By Wendy Hayes | ISBN 9780645492606

    Many Christian women live under the weight of the misuse and abuse of authority, without recognising it. Escape from Egypt exposes the subtle and not so subtle ways the enemy has used religion to keep women of God from walking in the fullness of their Kingdom authority.

    An over-emphasis on submission, the laying down of rights and that God hates divorce has created a culture in which oppression thrives. As a result, many Christian women cannot correctly distinguish between abuses of authority and proper Kingdom authority.

    In this powerful new book, you will learn:

    • To distinguish between religious oppression and true Kingdom authority.
    • The difference between submission to Godly leaders and bowing to intimidation.
    • To recognise and take steps to break free from shame, control, false guilt, manipulation and intimidation in your relationships.
    • To identify and take back your God-given authority and begin to walk in the freedom of your identity in God.
    • To recognise the hallmarks of healthy relationships as well as abusive relationships.

    “In Escape from Egypt, Wendy Hayes brings a “now” word for the church. It’s time for the Church to confront the religious spirit masquerading as Kingdom authority and Escape from Egypt is a great way to begin. I highly recommend you grab a copy and start the journey.”
    Dawna De Silva, Bethel Sozo Founder & Co-leader.

    About the author
    Wendy Hayes lives, works and plays in Melbourne, Australia. She’s married to Ray and has two children, three stepchildren and 5½ grandchildren. Wendy Hayes is a professional Christian counsellor with a Master of Community Counselling and over a decade in private practice. Wendy has been in church leadership for 23 years, leading inner healing ministries and lecturing at Harvest Bible College. Wendy has a passion for seeing Christian women step out of shame and fear into all they are created to be.

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