Kara-Glenn Bolger


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    By Kara-Glenn Bolger | ISBN 9780645371444

    Surrender. Capitulation. Yielding. Succumbing. Falling. Resigning. Abandoning. To stop resisting. To let go.

    Surrender is life’s messiest and most important art. It is the process of crafting, creating and curating, achieved by the gentle and skilful hands of the One Who-Is, Was and Will Be.

    Enter explores this theme through a range of poetry styles, including free verse, haikus, Petrarchan sonnets and more.

    Enter is a poetry book that invites the reader to welcome the intricate whispers of God throughout its pages. Through these words, my prayer is that His grace would begin to turn every experience, every hindrance and every circumstance into something more beautiful than the reader could begin to imagine.

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