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H A Chilver


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H A Chilver | ISBN 978-0-6485077-3-4

If your life or that of someone you love has been touched by divorce, then this story will resonate with you.

Broken dreams and shattered lives are far from God’s intended purpose for his children. Faith is challenged when life falls apart. Divorce between Christians is no longer rare but it is no less devastating. 

Sharing her personal journey of divorce, the author writes honestly about the profound wounding of abandonment and rejection when marriage vows are broken. She shares her journey of being taken out of her depth into a holy ocean of love where she receives ongoing healing, finds hope and experiences the love of a wildly extravagant God.

About the author

H A Chilver is a freelance writer living between Australia and London. Passionate about the well-being of all who are made in God’s image, she is currently working with a team seeking justice and recognition for Australia’s First Peoples. Between assignments she can be found exploring the bush on horseback and celebrating life with family and friends.

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