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Dust Rising

Neil Emerson


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By Neil Emerson | ISBN 9780645141726

Ted Blainey is an interesting fellow, born and raised in the fictitious town of Marla, New South Wales. We trace his story through the 50’s and 60’s where he leaves school at a young age and sets off in search of adventure. He eventually arrives in the homely town of Pithford, living and working there for several years.

During his trip out to an Aboriginal mission one day Ted encounters a ‘dust devil’ on the road in front of him. He is able to skirt around it and continue on. But this event provides the catalyst for some serious thought and reflection at a later date. It helps frame a bushie’s understanding of who God is and what his purposes are for his people.

Life is full of surprises for Ted. It offers him a wide range of experiences – both good and bad. His learning curve sharpens when he comes to faith in Jesus. But embarking on his travels beyond Pithford will mean leaving behind Emily Beecham. Emily adores him, but Ted hardly notices her affections at all. He merely casts them off in favour of his other pursuits.

Ted never bothers to contact Emily during the years he is away. But when he eventually comes to his senses, he realises how much he is drawn to her. However, will Emily still be the same girl he once knew? Will she forgive him when they finally meet up again? And what about her engagement to Lachlan? Does that mark the end for Ted once and for all?

Dust Rising is a book about taking hold of life as God has given it to us and living it to the full. But doing so involves growing in maturity and faith and then returning thanks to him for his goodness towards us.

About the author
Neil Emerson is a retired pastor. He lives in Blaxland NSW and is married to Beth. Together, they have spent over thirty-five years in parish ministry. They have four adult children and six grandchildren (at last count!).

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