dreams of italy

    Dreams Of Italy

    Dr Yolanda Lee

    ISBN 9780645751475

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    Dreams of Italy tells the true story of how Yolanda, an early childhood teacher, and her husband Troy, followed a prophecy given to them by their pastor when they were just newlyweds. Seventeen years had passed and they had almost forgotten about the words that had been spoken that day when, suddenly, it all started to come to fruition.

    But was this God? How could Yolanda and Troy really be sure that they were stepping in the right direction? One day, Yolanda is called to leave Troy and their family, to lead students to a land of sunflowers, lions, pizza, gelatos and churches. During moments of uncertainty, where Yolanda lacks courage and trust in herself, God reveals little symbols of faith; tokens that reassure her she is on the right path.

    Yolanda discovers that her life mission as a teacher and mother is to encourage others to find their passions and to dream big. This powerful story is a testimony of how God has the very best life for us. Dreams of Italy beckons the reader to trust God in making what seems impossible, possible. Readers will be inspired to recognise their own life story and in doing so, have the faith and courage, just as Yolanda and Troy did, to follow God’s plans and to see that life is full of wonderful surprises.  

    About the author
    Dr Yolanda Lee started her career as an early childhood teacher in 1987. Two years later, she met her husband and together they raised four beautiful children. For many years, Yolanda ran the children’s ministry at her local Church and was a director in a preschool. A well published author in the field of early childhood, Yolanda’s passion is writing about God’s goodness in her life and encouraging others to let go, and to trust God with all their heart. This is her testimony, a story of how one day, a prophecy opened the doors to the world.

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