Doing it Solo: Finding freedom in single parenting

    Kristy Quaziz


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    By Kristy Quaziz | ISBN 978-0-6484585-7-9

    Raising kids on your own is one of the toughest jobs there is, and who should know more about it than a solo mother who has travelled the journey?

    Doing It Solo is Kristy Quaziz’s story. A single parent for 13 years, she became a Christian in 2009 and since then has been passionate about breaking down the taboo topic of single parenting within the Christian landscape. Unable to find help, she decide to study the subject and then write a book to be able to help others.

    In Doing It Solo, the author unpacks the plight of the single parent and the challenges associated with raising kids on your own. She journeys through personal stories, teachings from the Bible, and offers practical steps to gain back freedom in parenting on your own. Every single parent will come away feeling more equipped, encouraged and inspired to find the purpose in their parenting, even when doing it solo.

    She is passionate about helping people that do not have a conventional situation or upbringing to find their feet and become all they can be through God.

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