Does Your Belief System Align With the Bible?

    Graeme and Gloria Taylor


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    By Graeme and Gloria Taylor | ISBN 9780645256932

    ‘Does your belief system align with the Bible?’ was researched and written in response to tragic, life-changing circumstances. Questions arose within the author such as ‘What is life all about?’ and ‘What do I believe about God and my eternal destination?’

    In our present-day atmosphere of uncertainty in the world, Graeme Taylor believes these are important questions for everyone. This book is designed to be a starting point for a journey of discovering what people believe about life. It discusses how to be secure in being ready to move from our earthly circumstances to our heavenly destination in God’s perfect timing.

    In ‘Does Your Belief System Align With the Bible?’ you will discover:

    • Biblical authenticity and prophecy
    • Personal application of Biblical truth
    • Living an abundant life through prayer
    • Developing Godly relationships with spouses, family and friends
    • Australia’s Christian heritage
    • Israel and end-times

    In these challenging times, this remarkable book will exchange any anxiety or fear with faith, understanding that the truth of Scripture is foundational to our very existence.

    About the author
    Graeme and Gloria Taylor have been Christians for many years. They have been involved with pastoral care, prayer networks, social work, chaplaincy and counselling. They have three daughters, one son and one daughter who are deceased, nine grandchildren and one great grandchild.

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