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Disillusioned – When You Get Lost Following Jesus

Melanie J. Saward


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By Melanie J. Saward | ISBN 9780648938040

In the western world, we all have one factor in common: we have incredibly high expectations about the satisfaction we can attain in life. Whether it be marriage, parenting, career, faith or material possessions, we all presume that if the ‘best’ exists, then we ought to have it.

We cultivate these images of the life we think we should have and we are majorly disappointed when we realise that it is significantly difficult to grasp these ideals. That’s where disillusionment sets in.  It’s the subsequent disappointment and confusion we face when we realise that the world doesn’t work the way we thought it did.

There was a time when using the word disillusionment was a guarantee of being led away from everything you once knew. In this text, Melanie J. Saward presents thoughts found in scripture that show God’s likely purpose for disillusionment. Disillusionment no longer has to equate to walking away from faith or giving up on marriage, or any other outcome that has often eventuated. It can be an opportunity for a deeper and more resilient relationship with God.

If you or someone you love is feeling disillusioned, this book will help you with practical and theological means to process all the layers present in your disillusionment.

About the author
Melanie J. Saward is a Pastor and leader in Australia where she has focused on small group ministries. She practiced as a Rehabilitation Counsellor for about 10 years in the corporate environment before entering full-time church ministry. She has been contributing to blogs for several years and runs her own self titled blog, where she explores life, faith and leadership topics in a thoughtful and authentic way. She is married to Josh, has one very cheeky 6 year-old daughter and two dogs.

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