Discovering The Gospel In Our Sexuality

    Discovering The Gospel In Our Sexuality

    Mike Richardson

    ISBN 9780645751406

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    When Jesus told Nicodemus that he must be ‘born of the Spirit’ He affirmed human sexuality as an appropriate metaphor for understanding the faith. Being ‘born again’ is one of the foundational concepts of Christianity, yet how many of us have ever heard a ‘birds and bees’ talk, expanding on how spiritual reproduction works?

    Traditionally, the church seems to avoid deep and open dialogue about sexuality, as a result Christians can find themselves poorly defended against pervasive secular trends, and ill-equipped to give compelling reasons for maintaining sexual standards. 

    Discovering The Gospel In Our Sexuality reveals the faith affirming and purposeful nature of our sexuality. The cycle-of-life is not a series of random physical processes that must be negotiated as best we can; instead, human sexuality is a divinely crafted allegory that proclaims a profound message, beautifully articulating God’s restorative plan to restore humanity.

    About the author
    Mike Richardson is married and is the father of nine children. He has been in the faith all his life, holding positions as deacon, youth leader, music director and elder in his church, as well as preaching and teaching. He is a long-term student of biblical Greek and enjoyed a four year stint as half time university lecturer and thesis supervisor in architecture. He has also built and flies his own aircraft. 

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