Diary of a Good Christian Girl

    Diary of a Good Christian Girl

    Jules Green

    ISBN 9780645371451

    LIST PRICE: $29.99


    Good Christian girls are friendly. Good Christian girls obey authority. Good Christian girls are happy…

    Except when they’re not…

    This is the story of my life: how I’ve had a beautiful upbringing, with a great family, but also how I’ve suffered abuse at the hands of boyfriends and youth leaders, and how I’ve endured dangerous false teaching and sexism in the church.

    This is the story of how I’m overcoming it all through my faith.

    Here I am, the great warrior princess, finally standing true to who God made me to be. I will not be the “nice girl” anymore, because nice said in that tone simply means compliant, voiceless.

    My purpose is clear: stand for justice, spread love, grace and kindness and be a voice for those who cannot speak.

    Because who wants a warrior who can’t fight, who isn’t fierce?

    For anyone who has suffered abuse, I hope that my honesty, wisdom, strategies and insights help you heal. Here is a book to help you find your voice again.

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