Diamonds from the King

    Christine Bullock


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    By Christine Bullock | ISBN 9780645371468

    Diamonds from the King is a book of stories, stories from the life of an ordinary Christian who loves God and is looking to find Him in her everyday life. Christine shares her struggles in coming to understand her identity in God and how He can work in sickness, grief and disappointment. She describes how God has intervened in her life to bring identity from confusion, hope from disappointment and courage in tragedy.

    The stories of God coming through in the hardest of circumstances to bring jewels out of tragedy, disappointment and pain will encourage readers walking through their own challenges.

    The diamonds of the title are the beautiful truths that God has given the author through her different life experiences and her reflections on the Bible, as He transformed that which seemed useless into something precious. You will be encouraged as you read this to look for the diamonds that God has been developing in your own life as you share in the truths that He has taught her.

    With reflection questions at the end of each chapter, this is a book that will become your story as well.

    About the author
    Christine Bullock lives in Toowoomba in regional Queensland, Australia with her husband, Rob. She has three grown up kids and three precious grandchildren. She has spent many years working as a school chaplain and in the local church. Recently she was awarded her Master of Divinity from Malyon Theological College. She is passionate to see people come to healing and wholeness in their true identity in Christ.

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