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Melanie J. SawardMelanie J. Saward
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    Melanie J. Saward

  • Other Books by
    Melanie J. Saward

Deep Faith, Resilient Faith: Curing Shallow Christianity

Melanie J. Saward

ISBN 9780645539738

LIST PRICE: $22.99


Something is missing. This has been the silent mantra of the current generation, spoken under their breath uncertain of whether anyone cares to listen. But as the millennials exit the church in mass numbers, the statement demands our attentive ear. 

The statement speaks of a conundrum acknowledged by many believers. There is a disconnect between the experience of believers in the New Testament and the depth of the faith experienced today. There is an awareness of a shallowness in faith, and simultaneously a deep desire to experience the fullness that a faith in Jesus claims to offer.  

In this 3rd book, Melanie J. Saward presents the critical elements required to take us from a shallow faith to a deeply nourishing faith, the type of faith necessary to last the end days and all that we are promised will come before Christ returns.

About the author
Melanie J. Saward is an Author & Podcaster based in Sydney Australia with her husband Josh and her 9 year old daughter. She has authored “Ministry Stinks: One Leaders Journey From Despair to Joy” and “Disillusionment: When You Get Lost Following Jesus” and continues to write on challenging and raw topics. The Pink Elephant podcast is where she grapples with ‘un-discussed’ aspects of faith that are found in scripture, and her mantra throughout is to “Go Deeper”. She regularly blogs and has written for Christian websites including and Modest Movement ministry, as well as appearing on Australian Christian radio and Christian podcasts. 

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