Days of Your Youth

    George Statheos


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    By George Statheos | ISBN 9780645141757

    The book of Ecclesiastes ‘follows the journey of a teacher searching for meaning. You may perhaps know someone like this, or it could even be you. He looks and searches everything and everywhere. In many ways he is like the lost son of the Old Testament.

    His conclusion is for the young, where the title of this book comes from. “Remember your creator in the days of your youth”. What a stirring piece of teaching that has as much relevance to the people he initially wrote back then as it does for us today.

    Invest these fleeting and formative years into our future with Christ is the answer, and in this remarkable book. author George Statheos reveals how this is possible.

    About the author
    George Statheos is working as a Chaplain at Mamre Anglican School in Sydney, Australia. He has previously worked as a youth minister and as a lecturer in youth ministry. He is married with two teenage children.

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