day of darkness

    Day of Darkness

    Philip Stott

    ISBN 9780645967302

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    Old sins cast long shadows…

    King Manasseh is dead, but his terrible legacy of violence lives on. The people of Judah, enjoying a period of peace and prosperity, are apathetic and blissfully unaware of the terrible fate that looms over them. Little do they know that events in faraway Assyria will soon lead to the greatest catastrophe their small kingdom has ever known.

    Little do they know that the future of their realm, even their very continued survival, has in fact been entrusted to a handful of mere children – children that will be forced to endure a lifetime of suffering that will make or break their nation’s destiny.

    Day of Darkness is a reconstruction of the story of the destruction of Jerusalem in 586 BCE by the Babylonians – a story of unspeakable horror, yet also of awe-inspiring faith and unstoppable hope. It shows that there can be light in the midsts of the darkest night; hope in the deepest despair; and restoration for those who have lost everything.

    About the author
    Phil Stott lives in Melbourne, Australia with his wife Renee. He is passionate about the Bible and about knowing the God whose story it tells. He is also fascinated by the history behind the Old and New Testaments, where he sees the hand of God’s love at work in these ancient people. His hope is that, through his writings, you might come to share this passion and understanding.

    Phil’s time is taken up by his work as a consulting actuary to the insurance industry, spending time with his children and grandchildren, preaching and teaching in churches, and golf. Apart from his professional qualifications, he has a Master of Divinity degree (majoring in Biblical Studies) from the Bible College of Victoria.

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