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  • Other Books by Julie Hughes

David, The Winner No Matter What

By Julie Hughes | ISBN 9780648991205

For David, winning was everything. He was well trained. His eyes were on the goal and he’d persevered in his race, not looking back as told us in Hebrews 12. Fixing his eyes on the finishing goal, as his coach had told him, was all that mattered.

Nothing would put him off, even unkindness from his rival. He was determined to give the race his best shot, no matter what. Then the unexpected happened.

Just as David the Shepherd boy was confronted by the giant Goliath, but with God’s help became a winner, though only armed with a smooth stone from a sling, (1 Samuel 17:18-49) with God’s help, David made a remarkable choice, despite his nervousness, knowing his God was leading.

In this remarkable book, you will discover the lessons he learnt from this choice, which was to have eternal consequences.

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