Dark Nurture

    Dr. Nick Grapsias


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    By Dr. Nick Grapsias | ISBN 9780645108071

    ‘Mother is growling like an animal; her teeth are gnawing at my sister’s forehead. She is desperately trying to hold back from mauling her as she weeps and shakes with the unholy ecstasy of an inhuman rage.’

    Growing up in a home plagued with domestic violence, child abuse, and the occult beliefs of his mentally ill mother, Jason desperately hangs on to his very existence, his sanity, and his soul. But can he turn his tumultuous upbringing into triumph and grace?

    Dark Nurture is the author’s third book and being based on client narratives he has experienced as a Psychologist, will leave you questioning our very nature as humans, the worldwide abuse of children, geopolitics and the Deep State, the concept of evil, and what it means to have faith.

    About the author
    Dr. Nick Grapsias completed a Psychology Degree, a Masters in Creative Writing, and a Doctor of Philosophy at Western Sydney University (WSU) where he also taught. He has been widely published and is the author of ‘Bohemian Rose’ (UWS Press), and ‘The Children of Leonidas’ (Ginninderra Press).

    He is a registered Psychologist, specializing in adolescent mental health and has worked in various centres such as the Department of Juvenile Justice. He currently works as a Psychologist in various medical centres throughout Greater Sydney. Born and raised in Sydney City, he now calls The Hawkesbury his home.

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