Dare to Try

    Cathleen Hope


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    By Cathleen Hope | ISBN 9780648670384

    Fascinating people. Deadly obsessions. Dare to Try is a story of journeys. The physical journey through the landscape of the Australian bush reflects the spiritual journey of the author as she faces adversity and the struggles of everyday living and discovers there is purpose and joy to be found as a sojourner in this land. The setting is predominantly the legendary town of Alice Springs and the desert areas around it.

    The reader is shown a rare view into the world of fostering children and homeschooling. The attachment to the land and friendships forged with Indigenous and non-Indigenous people create an unforgettable story of life in the Australian outback.

    Brutally honest, there is a vulnerability about what is shared and the spectre of child abuse throughout the novel is confronting.

    At times funny, other times tragic.

    Set in an ancient culture – an ancient land.

    It’s my story.

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