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  • Other Books by Marc R. Wheway

Daniel’s Divulgement

By Marc R. Wheway | ISBN 9780645256956

The book of Daniel is one of mystery and intrigue, predicting the future and providing instruction and an example of how to live in these last days. Gaining an understanding of Daniel’s end-time mystery is reserved alone for the wise in the latter days (12:10). The wise are defined as those seeking to understand Bible prophecy, thereby discerning the signs of the times.

The end-time message to the wise is to stand firm and take action (11:32a). Standing firm is to remain faithful (cf. Rev. 2:10) and hold fast (cf. Rev. 3:11) to sound biblical doctrine. Taking action is to warn others (cf. Col. 1:28, 29), making the most of the time (cf. Eph. 5:16), bringing understanding (11:33), which produces purity through repentance (12:3, 10).

Through a careful exposition of the book of Daniel, in his book, Daniel’s Divulgement, Dr. Marc Wheway brings revelation and clarity to the ancient mystery. Until now, few have understood the concealed and closed (12:4,9) writings of Daniel. However, we live in the day that troubled Daniel greatly (7:15, 28), where understanding was promised (12:4b). In fulfillment of an end-time sign (12:4b). God has revealed the mystery to the wise, granting knowledge and understanding of the latter days.

About the author
Marc R. Wheway has earned a Ph.D. from Louisiana Baptist University and Theological Seminary, majoring in eschatology. Daniel’s Divulgement is Dr. Wheway’s third published book, following The Revelation, The Revival (2015), and The Revelation, Proclaimed and Explained (2021).

Dr. Wheway is the founder and overseer of Kingdom Seekers (2008), a ministry focused on the signs of the times, leading to the return of Jesus Christ. Kingdom Seekers commenced by encouraging an online community to be rapture-ready before conducting eschatology conferences in developing nations (2016). In 2018, out of the original mission, Kingdom Seekers Fellowship was birthed, where members gather weekly for worship and Christian fellowship. Due to COVID-19 (2020), instead of physical meetings, eschatology conferences continue online, and podcasting also commenced.

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