Daniel Unsealed - The End Times Revealed
Tim HallTim Hall
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  • Other Books by
    Tim Hall

Daniel Unsealed – The End Times Revealed

Tim Hall

ISBN 9781763620117

LIST PRICE: $22.99


The book of Daniel is a pillar of prophetic power that unlocks the ages like no other book. It provides a timeline and skeletal structure that holds all the end time prophecies in their place.

Unlike the Apostle John’s open Revelation of Christ, Daniel was told that his revelations would be sealed till the very end of the age, when travel and knowledge will have greatly increased.

This remarkable book is now unsealed and brings clarity and clear understanding of the events occurring as mankind rushes headlong towards the return of Jesus. Joel C Rosenberg stated,”God has not given us prophecy to scare us, but to prepare us.”

Daniel Unsealed has been written to not just prepare us for coming events, but to inspire us how to live supernaturally in this “New Babylon” in which we live.

About the author
Tim Hall is one of Australia’s best known and successful evangelists having preached globally for over 40 years. During this time he has preached on every continent to crowds of up to 100,000 people at one time. His emphasis has been the saving of souls and the healing of sick bodies in the name of Jesus. Together with his wife Jacque they travel the world, having seen over a million people come to Christ.

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