Daddy Will Carry Me

    Daddy Will Carry Me

    Barb Ireland

    ISBN 9780645670585

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    We were propelled, my little family and I, into a dense fog, driven by grief’s unbearable pain. The faith we held so dear hung loosely across us like a worn life jacket that we hoped might somehow save us. Each had the task of traversing Tragedy’s waters. Every man for himself, yet bonded by our loss” 

    Life changed forever for Barbara and Paul Ireland and their family following a freak accident that claimed their little daughter’s life. Three-year-old Laura died tragically and, in the process, left the Irelands devastated.

    Daddy Will Carry Me is a powerful story told by Barb with rawness and honesty. She confronts the question of “why?” and the dilemma of where God is when the worst happens. The hope-filled pages will bring assurance and encouragement to all who encounter heartbreak and those who stand with them.

    Barb and her husband Paul were married in 1986.  Between them, they have many roles, including Pastor, Farmer, and Teacher. They are passionate about helping people overcome adversity. Barb and Paul live in regional South Australia with their youngest daughter and two dogs. Family gatherings with their children and granddaughters are among their favourite things.

    “I was brought to tears many times reading through the grief that the Ireland family suffered. Barbara takes you on a raw and honest journey – documenting her family’s pathway through pain – and guiding you to emerge with a profound sense of hope. That no matter the darkness, it is possible for light to shine again. Daddy will carry me, will encourage anyone travelling a similar path through grief and loss and confronting the haunting question of ‘why?’ For others who may know someone struggling with grief, it gently provides many ways in which you can stand and support them practically, emotionally and spiritually in their time of greatest need.”
    Christie Gallen

    “Tragedies come in many forms but nothing would prepare anyone for this kind of heartache. A beautiful family’s world was completely turned upside down. This book unveils a truly devastating true account of a tragic accident to Paul and Barb Ireland’s 3-year-old sweet daughter Laura Grace. Through this honest and raw account, you see how each day they chose to take hold of God’s hand. When all was stripped away, left standing was their faith in God and the strength of the community around them. It was their dear family and friends that held them up when they struggled to stand alone. Grief is such a journey and in this book hold keys to journey through one’s own losses. Barb is a truly gifted writer and this book is a moving account which is both gripping and hard to put down. She writes with such poetic flair. I look forward to future works of Barb as an author.”
    Pastor Janine Neumann

    “Daddy will carry me is a heart captivating story of sorrow and joy. This is an easy to read story into the personal lives of the Ireland family as they face tragedy. Barb invites us to journey with her family through the fog of grief and God’s work of hope and peace. This is an honest story sharing the valleys and highs, illustrating vulnerability and dignity. Reading the book was like sitting down with Barb as she told her story to me over a coffee. This is a must read for pastors, chaplains, counsellors, and anyone journeying through tragedy. Warning: Reading this book in a public setting may result in an open display of emotion (tears of sorrow and joy).”
    Pastor Dean O’Keefe

    “Thank you for writing your story. I was overwhelmed as I related your words to my own journey of faith & grief. Your words were beautiful, raw and incredibly powerful and ministered direct to my heart. I could not put the book down. I think I’ll be re-reading your words for years to come! I love that “Daddy will carry me” is a faith mantra for how our heavenly Father travels with us…a stunning book that I highly recommend you pick up and read!”
    Marnie Maas

    “This beautiful book does not shy away from the utter devastation that grief and loss of a loved one bring. Barb has made herself vulnerable by telling it honestly and not hiding the pain. Yet through each step of grief’s journey, she points us to the incredible life-saving hope that God brings. And in our desperation, as we look to Him, he shows us the way through. While it is a sad story, it is a hope-filled book and a life-giving gift to anyone suffering from grief. As Barb herself says, “Whatever our circumstance, there is hope for the future.”
    Pastor Carolyn Edwards

    “Daddy Will Carry Me is a true, poignant story of one woman’s journey through grief and trauma. The tragedy that Barb and her family faced is something that no-one should ever have to experience. But we don’t always get choice in what life throws at us. We can be confronted in those times with feelings of unutterable heartache. Barb tells her story with vulnerability, welcoming us to join her in the depths of her emotions and be released from our own pain as the God-breathed life and hope is also shared. Thanks Barb.”
    Pastor Laureen Newsham

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