Daddy Will Carry Me

    Daddy Will Carry Me

    We were propelled, my little family and I, into a dense fog, driven by grief’s unbearable pain. The faith we held so dear hung loosely across us like a worn life jacket that we hoped might somehow save us. Each had the task of traversing Tragedy’s waters. Every man for himself, yet bonded by our loss” 

    Life changed forever for Barbara and Paul Ireland and their family following a freak accident that claimed their little daughter’s life. Three-year-old Laura died tragically and, in the process, left the Irelands devastated.

    Daddy Will Carry Me is a powerful story told by Barb with rawness and honesty. She confronts the question of “why?” and the dilemma of where God is when the worst happens. The hope-filled pages will bring assurance and encouragement to all who encounter heartbreak and those who stand with them.

    Barb and her husband Paul were married in 1986.  Between them, they have many roles, including Pastor, Farmer, and Teacher. They are passionate about helping people overcome adversity. Barb and Paul live in regional South Australia with their youngest daughter and two dogs. Family gatherings with their children and granddaughters are among their favourite things.

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