Dabar Promises

    Margaret Dowrick

    ISBN 9780645165739

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    Do you believe there is a God? Ananiah, a rebellious young boy who lived outside of Yerushalayim, did not. For more than three generations, his forefathers were faithful scribes who found many Dabar Promises -promises that came directly from Adonai regarding the coming Messiah. Convinced there was so much more to the coming one, they found the promises becoming etched within their hearts. One day during a tragic incident, Ananiah cries out to the god in whom he does not believe to save him. From then on, his life would never be the same.

    When his twin sons are born and a star appeared in the eastern sky, Ananiah is unaware that his life and the life of the Messiah child will one day cross. One day, Ananiah who is now a scribe, is instructed to immediately return home. Walking the streets of Yerushalayim he hears the penetrating cries of women loudly weeping. All boy infants under the age of two, including his sons, have been cruelly massacred. Recalling scripture which states this will happen, Ananiah immediately rushes to the Holy Place in the Temple where he seeks news of the safety of the child whose star shone brightly only a few years ago.  There, he receives his own personal promises.  He will see the coming Messiah but not with his own eyes but with his very soul, and he will recognize the Messiah for whom He truly is.  

    Twenty-eight years later, rumors spread across the land of a man called Yochanan the Immerser and a man called Yeshua of Nazareth. Could either of these men really be the one Isra’el has waited for?   How can his own personal Dabar Promises be achieved when, as he ages, his sight is becoming dim?

    It is not until he is present at the cruel death of an innocent man on a cross, that Ananiah obtains the answers to these questions. Set in the days before and the coming of Yeshua, this fictional tale is supported by biblical references which enable the reader to do further investigations. Will the mission of the man Yeshua of Nazareth simply cease by his cruel and sudden death?

    About the author
    Margaret is a retired university lecturer. Teaching in Special Education for over forty years, Margaret has taught people with disabilities from early infancy to adulthood both in Australia and overseas.  In 1988, she set up a unit for adults with intellectual and physical disabilities in London.  Since retiring in 2012, Margaret continues to enjoy living in the lower Blue Mountains.

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