Patty Guthrie

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    “He forced himself to look up at the board and realised there were only a few minutes left of the lesson. His page was blank, an apt representation of his mind. He just hadn’t been able to focus since Jamie had started at school.”

    Luke is in his last year of high school, volunteering at the local nursing home and helps out at his dad’s church on Sundays. He also hasn’t told anyone he’s gay.

    As his feelings for Jamie grow, Luke will have to figure out how the different pieces of his life fit together. What does this mean for his friendships when his best friend seems to be falling for the same guy? His family, who he could never tell in a million years? And his faith, which has always seemed so sure?

    Colours is an in-depth look at the subject of LGBT and the church in an age where we can no longer simply stick our heads in the sand and keep the divide between Christianity, the church, and gay Christians.

    About the author
    Patty Guthrie is a high school English teacher who drinks a lot of tea and reads a lot of books. She lives in Sydney with her husband Tom and their two dogs, Annie and Luna. While working with teenagers isn’t always easy, she became a Christian at a holiday camp called Kedron in Year 7 and has had a passion for seeing Jesus change more young lives ever since. The best part of her job is ‘the lightbulb moment’ where a student just gets something—that feeling is even better when someone gets the gospel. 

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