Coins from Heaven

    Carly Hamilton


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    Carly Hamilton | ISBN 9780648578048

    Have you ever felt that there were angels guiding your life?Has a strange set of circumstances or coincidences ever made you think that perhaps there’s another force at play?

    This work of spiritual non-fiction recounts the author’s experiences of finding coins at various places that give messages that are true to her. The messages are synchronized (by a coin) at the precise moment in time to link certain situations.

    There are puzzling things that can happen to people and we call it coincidence, fate or miracles and we’re not sure of the source. In this book the author firmly believes it is the work of God and his angels which many people would agree as this documentation goes much further than simple coincidence.

    This book is aimed at helping those who feel victimized and to offer comfort and understanding in times of trauma and grief.

    Her work has been most carefully documented to show the evidence that OVER A THOUSAND COINS were found, thus making this a most intriguing phenomenon.

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