Closer devotional

    Closer – A 365 Day Devotional

    Kaytee Mitchell


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    By Kaytee Mitchell | ISBN 9780975222829

    The closer we come, the bigger He becomes; the more we see, the greater destiny we embrace. God is calling us closer to Him, to draw near to His heart, and to fall in sync with His motions. To take a risk and jump into the extraordinary plan He has for each of our lives. It’s a plan that will make our hearts race, and a plan that will take our breath away. Yet as we lean into all He is, He flips our world upside-down. It’s where we discover that life is more than just about us individually; it’s about God and us relationally. It’s how we are able to walk on the sky and have a vision for His kingdom come for the cities around us.

    Maybe you have been in a pursuit of seeing Jesus, but have never taken a moment to know how God sees you. You’ve read through the Bible quite a few times, but rarely have heard His voice of love speaking behind it. “Closer” is the whisper to your heart. As you dive into this devotional, you will find it is more than checking off a daily “to-do” list.

    This is a devotion to Jesus, to press into Him and all that He is. It’s a set apart time with the One who is whispering life into your heart and is longing to be with you. Every moment you live He is inviting you closer to Him, to hear His voice, to feel His heartbeat, and to dance to the melody of His love. With confidence, I can say, that the closer you come to God, the deeper you will discover who He truly is, who He knows you are, and where He’s designed you to live beyond existing.

    He’s not just saying, “Come.” He’s beckoning: “Come closer.”

    About the author
    Kaytee Mitchell is the founder of In Extravagance and creator of Letters of Love. With an educational background in music and theology, she seeks to express the truth of God through multiple creative outlets. A variety of her passion projects include writing songs, devotions, and poetry, yet she also has an eye for photography and interior design. She currently resides in Sydney, Australia, whilst finishing up her second Bachelor’s degree at Hillsong International Leadership College.

    Although Kaytee loves the vivacity of adventure and travel, she has a deeply engrained appreciation for nature that was birthed deep within the countryside of Missouri’s hills. Through the simplicity of being surrounded by the wilderness and its stillness, Kaytee’s creativity sparked to see beauty in a unique and rare way. It was within the voiceless environment that she found her own voice, pioneering a new sound within the creative landscape of Christian writing.

    It was as a new Christian, aged fifteen, that Kaytee became enveloped by God’s heart and was drawn to share His love with the world. Though she did not know the magnitude at the time, Kaytee has now traveled to multiple countries to spread the good news, has released multiple singles and her first EP, Unforgotten, and has launched her own website to continually write God’s whispers into existence. Her passion is to “save the lost and keep the saved saved.” This is her sole-purpose in writing her first book, Closer.

    Kaytee can be described as someone who thinks whimsically, speaks prophetically, and loves extravagantly. She is a huge believer of the God-potential within every person and aspires to help others to see it for themselves. When she does rest from working, creating, and discipling others, she can be found at a local café, cozied up with a coffee in one hand, a pen in the other, and a journal in her lap. It would be to no surprise that these thoughts and dreams would be shared with us shortly after, for radiating joy is who she is at heart.

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