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Church Gate of Heaven

Dr. Gordon Moore

ISBN 9780645459647

LIST PRICE: $22.99


CHURCH GATE OF HEAVEN is written from a background of more than 50 years of discovering the wonder of the Local Church. 

In CHURCH GATE OF HEAVEN Gordon Moore outlines the significance and importance of the role of the Local Church as the means of Christ to establish His kingdom on earth.

The Lord Jesus Christ’s central work is the building of His Church and He has prepared a place for every believer to be a part of it. This is the essence of CHURCH GATE OF HEAVEN.

Church Gate of Heaven is a 54 year story of discovery about the Local Church, the House of God.

Church Gate of Heaven is written to inspire a deeper love and appreciation for the Local Church of the Lord Jesus Christ and help you discover how you too can find your spiritual home.

About the author
Gordon Moore, along with his wife Jo, are the founding Senior Ministers of Lighthouse Church Bridgeman Downs, Australia. Gordon has served for over 47 years as a Senior Minister, evangelist and missionary, preaching  and teaching throughout the world. He has authored numerous books, articles and resources.

Gordon and Jo’s passion is to build strong local churches that are relevant and incorporating the unchurched. Recently, Gordon and Jo transitioned to retirement and now serve as Emeritus Senior Ministers, consulting and ministering to churches and organisations around the world.

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