Christian Faith & Pluralism: Companions or Competitors?

    David Hickman


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    By David Hickman | ISBN 9780645322057

    There are many questions for thoughtful Christians in a society such as Australia to explore:

    What are the challenges of living in a pluralist society?

    On what grounds can we trust the accounts of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus?

    Does Christian discipleship make the world a better place?

    What are the implications of Christian faith for social justice, the kind of leaders we support, for presenting beliefs in schools, for involvement in sport?

    How should Christians regard the use of evidence, the problem of hidden agendas, the significance of self-esteem?

    About the author
    David Hickman explores such questions, drawing on personal experience and on the work of some significant writers such as Peter Berger, CS Lewis, John Stott, Hubert Butterfield and Richard Niebuhr, as well as Australian writers such as John Dickson, Tim Costello, Naomi Reed and Brian Hill. He adds his own insights from research and teaching in the areas of Sociology and History, as well as reading of Christian apologetics and biographies of Christians, and relevant Scripture.  His perspective can be broadly classed as evangelical Christian, while acknowledging the variety of views among evangelical Christians about some of the matters discussed.

    David Hickman OAM, Ph.D, B.Ed has been a teacher in secondary schools, a lecturer at La Trobe University, Bundoora Victoria, a decorated basketball coach for over 50 years, and a voluntary administrator in junior basketball to this day. His Christian experience extends from leadership in the Evangelical Union at university to many years of volunteer work with Scripture Union, church eldership, and support of missions. He now lives at a retirement village.

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