Christ Saviour of the Weary

    Christ Saviour of the Weary

    Rosamund J Kirkwood

    ISBN 9780648291411

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    If you’ve ever wanted to understand how Satan’s yoke keeps people trapped in emotional and psychological problems and shameful behaviour, then Christ, Saviour of the Weary is a must read.

    Author Rosamund J Kirkwood helps Christians in taking hold of a journey through the Bible in understanding how addictions, sexual immorality, greed, depression, fearfulness, jealousy and anger are all part of the enemy’s yoke of slavery that holds people in bondage.

    God has put people under his yoke of wrath and Satan’s yoke of slavery for suppressing the truth about him. Exchanging the truth about God for lies about him is idolatry: it is the besetting sin of humankind. For those who repent of suppressing the truth, Christ’s sacrifice makes available release from the wrath of God and captivity to Satan.

    This author explains that when we put off the specific lies we have believed about God by repenting, we will experience release. Release is not a long, slow journey of improvement, but an opening of the gaol door, throwing off a heavy weight and rising up like eagles on an up draught.

    About the author
    Rosamund J Kirkwood based her Master of Arts in Christian Studies on her major in the literature of three cultures. It is the study of literature that is her forte. She started her Master’s degree later in life after home-schooling her four children. She then took the delight in independence of thought and freedom of expression that had flourished during home-schooling to her academic writing on the Bible. Rosamund breaks out of the usual bounds to engage with her readers better by using an imaginative style. While staying true to Reformed theology, she is ardent about exploring the Bible from literary and theological perspectives.

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