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  • Crazy Praises
    Christine J. Bourne


    “…..When people ask me where is God? I can honestly say – I’ve seen Him and I know He’s real, He was at our farm, last Thursday. He turned up with a chainsaw, a shovel and a rake to...

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  • Anna’s Story: Woman Of The Secret Place
    Carol Anderson


    The questions came to mind when reading the scriptures from Luke 2:36-38.Who was Anna the Prophetess?What made her go to the temple?What caused her to come back and stay?What did she experience all...

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  • The Next Exceptional CEO
    Russell Driscoll


    Good, Better, Best. And then there is Exceptional. FACT: In 2020, approximately 214 million companies existed worldwide. Most of those had a CEO. The sad reality is that too few CEOs are genuinely...

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  • meeting lifes challenges
    Meeting Life’s Challenges
    Brooks C. Wilson


    Meeting Life’s Challenges is the life story of Brooks C. Wilson OAM, a Christian businessman born in Sydney, Australia in 1933. A successful businessman who studied at Harvard Business School,...

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  • A Road Divided
    Neil Emerson


    A chance meeting at a beach mission, finds a French Alfonso and a Jewish Noya fall in love. Here begins a cat and mouse game of love and attraction along a rough and bumpy road which in due course...

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  • Tell Me Another
    Dr Paul Roe


    Dr Paul Roe is a historian with a foot either side of Australia’s Great Dividing Range. One foot planted in suburban Sydney – the other in the outback town of Bourke. In a community on a...

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  • straining at the oars
    Straining at the Oars
    Bill Williamson


    Do you ever feel as though you are working hard, but getting nowhere? Do you ever feel stuck? Do you want to give up? Are you exhausted? Is there a sense that something is keeping you back from...

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  • leaders r us
    Andy Robinson


    Is Leadership only for the people at the top of an organization? No! This is the biggest myth surrounding leadership! The reality is that we are all leaders, and leadership skills are essential for...

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  • Aspies Living Among Us
    María I. Gómez


    For fifty-nine years, María was totally unaware of her condition. Since her ASD diagnosis in 2018, she decided to raise awareness and help others in a similar position. Aspies Living Among Us is...

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  • What To Do When Panic Attacks
    Dr. Robert Bakss


    We are living in an age where anxiety is rampant and in the Christian life the Bible warns that the devil is like a roaring lion looking for his next victim. One of his key tactics is to attack your...

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