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Unlocking Creative Identity

By Roma Waterman | ISBN 978-0994551658

God is looking for the artist who is willing to carve pathways that lead others to His heart.

He is looking for those who want to impact the earth with the glory art of Heaven, regardless of fame and fortune. To dream, create and change culture through songs, stories, art, dance.

God wants us to have our identity so deeply rooted in Him that we will take risks that take us beyond the desire for importance or reputation; to unlock doors that take us and others into realms of encounter through our art.

Unlocking Creative Identity is about uncovering what it really means to be the artist God wants you to be. One that sees the angel in the marble and will chip away piece by piece until what is seen in the mind’s eye can be seen by many.

In this book you will:

Uncover ways to deal with rejection and failure

Learn how to become an ‘Imagineer’ and dream with God

Uncover the beauty of brokenness and the power of healing

Receive creative wisdom and never have ‘writer’s block’

Learn how to encourage yourself in God to avoid discouragement

Also included are several interviews with artists in different genres, unpacking their creative process and how they have dealt with disappointment and failure. With prayers, action points and questions, this book is a must for every creative desiring to find keys to unlock their own heart and the heart of the great artist Himself.


About the Author

From Melbourne, Australia, Roma is the author of The God Artist: The Quest for Supernatural Creative Influence, and The Handbook for Working Singers. Having recorded 7 albums, she travels the globe leading worship as well as training worship teams on the art of songwriting, the prophetic, and worship leading.

Roma has also been a vocal coach and session singer for TV shows including The X Factor and The Voice, and has won several international song writing awards as a worship artist and songwriter.

She is married to Ted and has two childen, Angel and Asa.



Roma Waterman is a mother and pioneer in the fields of Music and the Arts. She carries a wealth of wisdom and insight that is both practical and inspiring. I highly recommend Unlocking Creative Identity for anyone seeking a greater depth to their spiritual and creative life.

Stephen Roach Musician and Founder of The Breath & The Clay Creative Arts Movement  USA


Unlocking Creative Identity: Finding Your Angel In The Rock adds another beautiful note to the symphony of powerful, anointed, and prophetic works of Roma Waterman. Roma has consistently committed her life to upholding the eternal value of personal and corporate worship in the body of Christ, and seeks to inspire and equip others to find and use their creative gifts to glorify God. Her passion and insights, clearly birthed in the secret place, find authentic and tender expression in every page. I thoroughly recommend this valuable and inspiring book.

Pastor Sam Evans Planetshakers Church,  Australia


When I wrote, Unlocking the Heart of the Artist, back in 2010, it was out of my own journey of brokenness and struggle with identity. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with hundreds of artists around the world whose central struggle in their faith, finances, and creativity, all center around issues of identity. I’m so happy Roma has continued the conversation for creatives in her new book, Unlocking Creative Identity, and highly recommend it to everyone who wants to thrive as a creative in the Kingdom of God!

Matt Tommey Author, Artist, and Speaker Asheville, North Carolina,  USA

Belly Dancing at the Bus Stop

By Sarah Turland

ISBN | 9780648173465

So there I stood, on the other side of the world, waiting at the bus stop. Everyone who knew my parents from before said, ‘Aren’t you glad to be home Nora?’ 

Little did they know…

When fifteen-year-old Nora returns to school in Australia, she despairs of ever fitting in. In this land of big spiders, short shorts and zero interest in world affairs, Nora is as strange as snow at the Sphinx. She doesn’t know the songs, she hasn’t seen the TV shows and, worst of all, she wore sandals on her first day of school.

The only place Nora feels like she really belongs is on the front seat of the bus.

Then Samuel joins Nora at the bus stop. He seems to be the only person in the whole school who genuinely cares about her. But is he really worthy of her trust?

Or will his secrets break her heart?

Travel with Nora as she takes the long journey home through faith, hope and love.

With a little belly dancing on the way.

Sarah Turland was born in South Australia and has since travelled extensively, including living in Egypt for nearly six years. She and her husband have four children, who are all TCKs, a dog called Pharaoh, and a cat which shall remain nameless since it ate the lovebirds.

When she’s not nursing or writing, she enjoys having friends over and playing board games. She also loves reading books with happy endings, usually accompanied by a block of chocolate carefully hidden so the kids will not find it. She likes singing and taking her dog for walks and hates anything with eight legs. 

She cannot belly dance.

Ya’acov’s Well

By Nina Peck

ISBN |9780648173458

The year is 1 AD.

The setting is Samaria, in the Roman province of Judaea. 

Mara bat Malâikhiy is the beautiful youngest daughter in a poor family, seeking her place in a world where she has always been the underdog. When Yelsaventa, a rich girl from a Romanised family, takes Mara under her wing, she thinks this is the beginning of her future. But little by little, Mara watches her life fall apart before her very eyes. 

How can she ever regain what has been lost? 

Will a chance meeting beside her ancestor’s well change everything?

Nina Peck has been telling stories all her life through the written word and the performing arts. She is married to her high school sweetheart, Logan, and lives in the beautiful Manawatu, New Zealand. Together, they run The Genesis Revolution, an organisation dedicated to the telling of the stories of eternity.

Alana’s Brief Season


ISBN | 978-0-6481016-9-7

“Time of death”, is all I record the doctor saying. It was sometime in the afternoon, 29 December 1994. I knew it was the right decision but I was still stunned by their words. I had tried to revive her doing CPR, then the ambulance officers took over and finally the nurses at the hospital.

Nurses and doctors left the room, leaving Ray and I to be alone with Alana. This was our daughter – gone away forever. I was a mum without my baby. Ray was a dad who had lost his daughter. For a moment in time we were lost in our pain. There were no words, we just hugged each other and cried at the enormity of our loss, holding our lifeless daughter. This was the worst moment of our lives.

Alana’s Brief Season is the compelling story of the death of little six month-old Alana Bremer. This captivating book recounts the faith that brought Liz Bremer through the pain of losing her precious child.

The Man Who Rebelled Against God


ISBN | 9780648101628

This is an Australian story about a Chinese boy born in the early 1940s who was confronted by a society that treated him with open hostility and scorn because he looked different. However he was given encouragement and support by his local church whose people loved him unconditionally and he grew into a man who knew of God’s wonderful love and grace. 

Sadly, when he became a young man he felt disillusioned by a perceived rejection and lack of compassion shown by a Christian outside his own church and all his childhood memories of ostracism and censure came flooding back. 

Turning his back on His Saviour led a life full of self-indulgence and rebellion. This is truly an amazing story of God’s unfailing love and persistence. Although it is a tragic tale of this man’s wrong choices and sinful living, the Lord patiently returned him to spiritual wholeness, even though it took a terrible tragedy to do so.

Glorifying God, Centred in Christ

ISBN | 9780648291435

I glanced around at my fellow worshipers, brothers and sisters I had come to know and love over the course of the week, sharing and delighting in the same mission. I was nervous as I began reciting, “The Lord is my King…”

Why? Because I was sharing a personal poem I had written in front of others. But I realised I shouldn’t be!

The Psalmist wrote, “Let us come before his presence with thanksgiving; Let us shout joyfully to him with psalms.” And in Ephesians it says, “Then you will recite to one another psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs.”

Edwin Yip is a family doctor working in Auckland, New Zealand. He enjoys creative writing and has previously published a novel (The Devoted Book One: Thunder of Judgement). Since his baptism in 2012, he has endeavoured to include Christ in all areas of his life, and this collection of poems are a reflection of his meditation over time. 

The Lie

ISBN: 9780648050872

Evensmore isn’t a regular town.

But then Jack Daley isn’t a regular guy.

An ancient truth kept secret for nearly 200 years… 

Until now.

When Jack moves from the big city to Evensmore, his curiosity sees him delve deeper to uncover the truth to find that his revelations seem to be leading him to a single terrible and unthinkable Lie. 

Jack suddenly finds himself battling a decision harder than he has ever faced before, to see this through or to run.

The Lie is a gripping story that entwines both the spiritual and physical worlds as combat intensifies between forces of good and evil to stop Jack revealing the truth.

About the author

Kym Streat discovered her passion for writing only a few years ago, and with encouragement from her husband, she decided to take a leap of faith and complete her first novel.  Her vision is to create a positive influence through her writing and deliver strong messages of hope and endurance, along with providing stories that are interesting and sometimes challenging.

Kym works in the engineering field during the day, and during the night she escapes all the bureaucracy and formalities and creates her own tranquil world through her writing. The Lie is her debut novel.

Parenting Teenage Girls in the Age of a New Normal

Michelle Mitchell | 9780648084525 | $24.99


Our girls have been born in a unique time in history.

They have been given experiences and opportunities which former generations could have only dreamt about, but they are also facing challenges which have not confronted any other generation in the same way.  Entitlement. Irregular emotions. Obsession with social media. Disrespect. Premature discovery of sex. These are just a few of the issues that parents raising this generation of girls are dealing with.

In this book, teenage expert and author Michelle Mitchell draws upon decades of experience to reveal her top parenting strategies in response to the biggest issues impacting today’s teenage girls. These strategies have been developed on the frontline of Michelle’s extensive work with families and schools across Australia.  Featuring straight forward and honest advice that really works, this book is a fresh and empowering resource for parents of teens and pre-teens.

Michelle established Youth Excel in 2000, a charity which helps young people make positive life choices during difficult times.  

As a thought leader and national speaker, Michelle is highly passionate about inspiring parents, schools and community leaders to invest into the next generation.  

In 2013 Michelle was awarded Inspirational Speaker of the Year by the Queensland State Government.  Her work is regularly quoted in the media. She lives in Brisbane with her husband and two teenagers.

A Long Walk In One Direction

Phil Pawley’s hikoi from Waitangi to Waikanae follows the approximate journey of one of the first books printed in Aotearoa New Zealand; Te Rongopai a Ruka – the Gospel of Luke. Printed by Colenso in Paihia in 1835, the booklet was given to Chief Ngakuku of Waharoa who in turn gave it to his 12 year old daughter Tārore. She was tragically killed at Wairere Falls by a raiding party from Rotorua and the booklet taken from her.

When the contents were made known to the Te Arawa tribe, the impact was so great it brought lasting peace and reconciliation between Te Arawa and Ngāti Hauā. That scenario was played out time and again as the booklet made its way south and into the hands of Tamihana Te Rauparaha who took it as far as Stewart Island, preaching peace and reconciliation as he went.

Retracing the steps of those who carried the Gospel through the North Island, Phil used the opportunity not only to learn more about the history of our nation, but to share faith with anyone willing to stop and talk. His odyssey covered 1000km of walking and 250km of canoeing, during which he faced three cyclones and the death of a dear friend. Walking alone and unsupported most of the way, Phil experienced the presence of God and the manaakitanga of the people of this land. His hikoi renewed his hope in Jesus Christ and restored his belief that people are indeed created in the image of God.

Phil Pawley is a social entrepreneur who believes there is more to life than meets the eye. He is married to Diane and they have 4 married children and 5 grandchildren. Born in Aotearoa New Zealand, they met and married in the Waikato. Soon after marrying their lives took an unexpected turn for the better when they committed themselves to following Jesus Christ. Phil has run the London Marathon twice, climbed Mt Kilimanjaro twice and was chaplain to Super League champions, St Helens Rugby League FC for ten years. He was recently appointed as National Director of Sports Chaplaincy New Zealand.

The Bidura Effect

Australians all rejoice in being young and free. Armed with a shiny new degree in social work and determined to make a difference in the world, one such idealistic caseworker begins work for the Department of Child Services in Sydney. Given the nickname ‘Twenty-one’ they soon find their faith put to the test as ethical decisions refuse to remain in defined categories of black and white. Child Welfare cases are no longer impersonal, lost in the pages of a file; they are confronting and demand an answer, from the face of a child.

Bidura is the Children’s Court where rulings are made over these cases everyday. Twenty-one is challenged by an Aboriginal client, Doreen, that Bidura is also a place haunted by institutional abuse. Can this history move us from a place of judgment to compassion? Twenty-one joins Lucy, Ben and the team to fight for their clients and find a way through murky ethical choices towards faith. Is it possible to find God with us, in the depths of broken humanity?

E. P. George won the Young Australian Christian Writer’s Award in 2017, with a shortened version of ‘The Bidura Effect’. The story is drawn from real-life experience of working for the Department of Child Services in Sydney. George is a Christian, who delights in how Jesus’ story continues to reach out and meet us, redeeming our stories. Each of the cases in this book contains an element of truth. They are stories inspired by incredible people. George continues in cross-cultural casework, collecting stories and finding deep truths about what binds us together as citizens of humanity.