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  • strictly inclusive
    Strictly Inclusive
    James Murray


    A lot of people have perceptions and opinions about church and some of them, quite frankly, are true. But is that really what the church is about, the real church? In this book we will journey...

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  • marked by mercy
    Marked by Mercy
    Mark Johnston


    From a very young age, Mark Johnston grew up around pubs, parties, drunks, drug addicts and criminals. He was a victim of physical, sexual, mental and emotional abuse. By the age of 19 Mark had...

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  • cactus prickles
  • normal christian
    Normal Christian
    Dr. Gordon Moore


    Normal Christian is written with one purpose: to present the accomplishments and provisions of the cross of Jesus Christ as normal for every believer. It is normal, therefore, for every believer...

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  • a trek of faith
    A Trek of Faith
    Maureen Martin


    When Maureen Martin’s oldest son, Beau, was selected as an Australian Youth Ambassador to Indonesia in 2002, her family was naturally thrilled.  Part way through the orientation for this once...

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  • Motherhood Moments
    Desi Soitaridis


    There were seasons in my life where it was hard to pray. I struggled to put sentences together, or even worse, I didn’t want to speak to God. Why would He want to listen to me, anyway? Then I...

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  • haighs flat
    Haighs Flat
    Colin Williams


    When Bryan Morgan started investigating his brother’s disappearance little did he know the can of worms he would be opening. Town secrets that date back to the 1800’s, which still haunt the...

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  • the b word
    The ‘B’ Word
    Katrina Wilkie


    A young woman’s struggle from the torment of Bulimia to freedom in Christ The ‘B’ Word is the story of a young woman’s struggle with an eating disorder known as Bulimia. As...

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  • in front of them all
    In Front of Them All
    Bruce Kelly


    The life and times of a street evangelist Born in a small country ‘bush nursing’ hospital in the Goulburn Valley district of Victoria, Australia, Bruce Kelly lived his first twenty-five...

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  • Father-Life
    Darryl Krause


    Knowing God as our Father is a key to being who we really are. In knowing the Father for who he is, we aspire to be like him and increasingly reflect his character and values as true sons and...

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