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  • avalon
    Grace Kwarcianyi


    Born with shape-shifting animal superpowers, Avalon isn’t your average girl. When an incident occurs involving Avalon and her best friend Sasha, they know that Travel City has grown to be a place...

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  • Not My Way But Yehway
    Not My Way But Yahweh
    Cheryl Christopher


    This is the journey of a young Christian woman, who at 23 chose a Christian man so she could be accepted by her church; a man who was an up-and-coming pastor in a major metropolitan city. He was the...

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  • God Encounters of a Misfit
    God Encounters of a Misfit
    Peter Evans


    Ninety percent of the world’s population seems to be unaware of the potential in this essential realm of the safe Supernatural. It is there to solve problems from personal to national and global;...

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  • faith of a maker
  • the stars at night
    The Stars at Night
    Merrin Cameron


    Set in a rural community on the Western Darling Downs of Southern Queensland, “The Stars at Night” takes the reader on Kath Wilmont’s journey from a past where her childhood dreams and self...

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  • Find Your Feet Surfing
    Find Your Feet Surfing
    Lisa Wallis


    “I have known Lisa for most of my life, I grew up surfing and travelling to amateur surfing events with her and she has always had an amazing passion for the beach and ocean and I am happy to be...

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  • travelling light
    Travelling Light
    Adele Huntington


    We all face challenges as we travel through life, and Christians are no exception. As you read the pages of Travelling Light, you will find that these short devotions will inspire, challenge and...

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  • the mission dimension
    The Mission Dimension
    Neil Flower


    Untold numbers of people in today’s western culture are wandering aimlessly in a hopeless morass of 21st century ‘ism’s’ that lead nowhere and give no satisfaction and purpose to life. A...

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  • day of darkness
    Day of Darkness
    Philip Stott


    Old sins cast long shadows… King Manasseh is dead, but his terrible legacy of violence lives on. The people of Judah, enjoying a period of peace and prosperity, are apathetic and blissfully...

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  • An Invitation to Follow
    An Invitation to Follow
    James Murray


    Jesus’ instruction to us as his followers was to go and make disciples, but how? What exactly is a disciple? How do I become one or help others become one? This book aims at giving you a...

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