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  • A Collection of Paintings and Poetry
    A Collection of Paintings & Poetry
    Virginia Bucknell and Cassa Bassa


    This inspirational book captures paintings of Australia’s spectacular landscape. With stunning imagery by Virginia Bucknell, woven in with beautiful poetry by Cassa Bassa, A Collection of...

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  • A Synopsis of the Synoptic Gospels
    Richard K. Moore


    The term ‘Synoptic Gospels’ refers to the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke. In terms of organization and content these Gospels have a much closer relationship to one another than any one of...

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  • this chosen fast
    This Chosen Fast
    Matt Madigan


    In this accessible book, join Matt as he responds to God’s invitation to pack up his family with just $2 in the bank, wait in airports for breakthrough, and overcome the odds to make it to ‘The...

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  • Living Missionally Beyond Sunday
    Living Missionally Beyond Sunday
    Kerry McRoberts


    What does a banker on Wall Street in New York, the owner of Filament Tattoo Company in Indiana, a pastor with a bar stool for a pulpit in North Carolina, and a police officer in Oregon have in...

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  • Hope Wins
    Leisa Williams


    When doctors predicted her son would never speak or progress beyond the capacity of a toddler, Leisa Williams’s life was thrown into turmoil. Suddenly, her own hopes and dreams were put on...

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  • Crazy Praises
    Christine J. Bourne


    “…..When people ask me where is God? I can honestly say – I’ve seen Him and I know He’s real, He was at our farm, last Thursday. He turned up with a chainsaw, a shovel and a rake to...

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  • meeting lifes challenges
    Meeting Life’s Challenges
    Brooks C. Wilson


    Meeting Life’s Challenges is the life story of Brooks C. Wilson OAM, a Christian businessman born in Sydney, Australia in 1933. A successful businessman who studied at Harvard Business School,...

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  • A Road Divided
    Neil Emerson


    A chance meeting at a beach mission, finds a French Alfonso and a Jewish Noya fall in love. Here begins a cat and mouse game of love and attraction along a rough and bumpy road which in due course...

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  • Tell Me Another
    Dr Paul Roe


    Dr Paul Roe is a historian with a foot either side of Australia’s Great Dividing Range. One foot planted in suburban Sydney – the other in the outback town of Bourke. In a community on a...

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  • straining at the oars
    Straining at the Oars
    Bill Williamson


    Do you ever feel as though you are working hard, but getting nowhere? Do you ever feel stuck? Do you want to give up? Are you exhausted? Is there a sense that something is keeping you back from...

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