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  • Diary of a Good Christian Girl
    Diary of a Good Christian Girl
    Jules Green


    Good Christian girls are friendly. Good Christian girls obey authority. Good Christian girls are happy… Except when they’re not… This is the story of my life: how I’ve had a...

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  • whirlpool
    Jane Lindsay


    In their third adventure, teenager Nate and his good friend, Daniel, step through a time portal into the future and end up where they don’t want to be: in south-west Tasmania, Australia. The...

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  • Press On In Hope
    Carol Goode


    The book of Daniel gives a powerful end-time prophecy. “Many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall incresase……..None of the wicked shall understand only the wise…”...

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  • Another Moment With God
    Nenia Tavrou


    Finding time each day to connect with God is not only essential to our mental well-being, but also helps us grow spiritually. Another Moment With God is a powerful devotional that is designed for...

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  • Prayers of the Created
    Jim Wenman


    Prayers of the Created is a collection of poems inspired through the author’s observation of God’s natural world. Reminiscent of the great Impressionist artists, who used paint to capture the...

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  • that you would know jesus
    That You Would Know Jesus
    Leanne Dalapu


    By Leanne Dalapu | ISBN 9780645411737 Come discover a Gift so precious that it cannot be priced, for the value is of eternal weight and glory. Within this small, yet powerful book lay hidden truth:...

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  • 7 fundamental rights of god's kingdom
  • living unmasked
    Living Unmasked
    Teri Kempe


    By Teri Kempe | ISBN 9780645371499 During the COVID pandemic we all wear a mask. Nothing is ‘normal’ anymore. Many things we assumed gave us our identity such as our profession, church, social...

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  • Enter
    Kara-Glenn Bolger


    By Kara-Glenn Bolger | ISBN 9780645371444 Surrender. Capitulation. Yielding. Succumbing. Falling. Resigning. Abandoning. To stop resisting. To let go. Surrender is life’s messiest and most...

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  • Diamonds from the King
    Christine Bullock


    By Christine Bullock | ISBN 9780645371468 Diamonds from the King is a book of stories, stories from the life of an ordinary Christian who loves God and is looking to find Him in her everyday life....

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