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  • Diary of a Good Christian Girl
  • whirlpool
    Jane Lindsay


    In their third adventure, teenager Nate and his good friend, Daniel, step through a time portal into the future and end up where they don’t want to be: in south-west Tasmania, Australia. The...

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  • Press On In Hope
    Carol Goode


    The book of Daniel gives a powerful end-time prophecy. “Many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall incresase……..None of the wicked shall understand only the wise…”...

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  • Another Moment With God
    Nenia Tavrou


    Finding time each day to connect with God is not only essential to our mental well-being, but also helps us grow spiritually. Another Moment With God is a powerful devotional that is designed for...

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  • Prayers of the Created
    Jim Wenman


    Prayers of the Created is a collection of poems inspired through the author’s observation of God’s natural world. Reminiscent of the great Impressionist artists, who used paint to capture the...

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  • Aspies Living Among Us
    María I. Gómez


    For fifty-nine years, María was totally unaware of her condition. Since her ASD diagnosis in 2018, she decided to raise awareness and help others in a similar position.  Aspies Living Among Us is...

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  • that you would know jesus
    That You Would Know Jesus
    Leanne Dalapu


    By Leanne Dalapu | ISBN 9780645411737 Come discover a Gift so precious that it cannot be priced, for the value is of eternal weight and glory. Within this small, yet powerful book lay hidden truth:...

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  • 7 fundamental rights of god's kingdom
  • living unmasked
    Living Unmasked
    Teri Kempe


    By Teri Kempe | ISBN 9780645371499 During the COVID pandemic we all wear a mask. Nothing is ‘normal’ anymore. Many things we assumed gave us our identity such as our profession, church, social...

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  • Enter
    Kara-Glenn Bolger


    By Kara-Glenn Bolger | ISBN 9780645371444 Surrender. Capitulation. Yielding. Succumbing. Falling. Resigning. Abandoning. To stop resisting. To let go. Surrender is life’s messiest and most...

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